Books I Read: June 2017

Some good ones this month.

Luke Harrington, Ophelia, Alive. ***** A brilliant, mindbending psychological thriller. This book is billed as a ghost story, but it’s not – at least not in the sense that you think it is. I started reading it in bed one night until I realized that this book requires more attention than a casual sleepy brain can allocate. Brilliant and highly literate.

Greg Keen, Soho Dead. ***** This is the gritty neo-noir detective story you want to read. It has murder, art, sex, alcoholism, nepotism, and British accents. Your brain has to supply the British accents, of course.

Stephen King, Finders Keepers. **** I mean, you can’t go wrong with Stephen King. If you liked Mr. Mercedes and want to read more about Bill Hodges (Det., Ret.), you came to the right place.

Jason Downes, The Bogeyman. *** Holy crap, this book is scary. Downes has an incredible imagination and does a great job showing his readers a world full of worlds. An epic spanning decades and multiple characters, The Bogeyman will have you turning pages. I look forward to more from this author. Could have done with another pass through the editing process.

Stephen King, End of Watch. *** More Bill Hodges. This one had a bit of a supernatural element that felt out of place in this trilogy.

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