Books I Read: October 2017

Not a big month for reading for me, apparently.

N. K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season. ***** Imaginative and incredibly thoughtful. I will read the rest of this series. Science fiction that explores a world that is familiar but entirely different from our own.

Emma Ennis, Red Wine and Words. **** A delightful collection of dark stories. Ennis has a tendency to lead the reader down a haunted garden path before knocking them down and stealing their map. Several of these stories kept me guessing. On more than one occasion I’d finish a story to find myself wanting more, like a literary coitus interruptus.
I look forward to seeing what else Ennis has up her sleeve. She has the unique ability to imagine innovative worlds and the gift to describe them effectively to the reader. Highly recommended. Plus, the Kindle version is only a couple bucks – a bargain!

Brad Carter, Satan Walks The Trailer Park. *** I read this because I really enjoyed Uncle Leroy’s Coffin by the same author. Carter did not disappoint. This is a fun, twisted story with interesting characters. I would say that this is incorrectly billed as a “humorous” story – it’s fun, don’t get me wrong – but it’s not a laugh-out-loud romp. Good story nevertheless.

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