Books I Read: November 2017

Barbara Nickless, Dead Stop. ***** Last year I read Nickless’s first book, Blood on the Tracks, and it was one of my favorite books of the year. I was delighted to read the follow-up. Sydney Parnell, the protagonist of these books, is a combat veteran-turned railroad detective who investigates cases with her dog, also a veteran of the Marine Corps. Both suffer from PTSD. Fascinating and page-turning.

William D. Carl, Three Days Gone. *** Hilarious and fun. A great book for fans of urban fantasy. Yes, I know the cover art kinda sucks, but trust me, this one is fun and had me chuckling.

Lee Child, The Midnight Line. ****  You like Jack Reacher, right? Just read this book already. It was hard for me to understand Reacher’s motivation for getting involved in this adventure initially but these books are always good. A bonus – I had it pre-ordered and forgot all about it and one day it showed up on my Kindle. Surprise!

Graham Nash, Wild Tales. *** An autobiography of an interesting dude. I recommend this book for any fans of CSN(Y). Those dudes lead a crazy life. Nash comes across as a bit full of himself – he’s aware he’s a genius and he likes to talk about how good he is at everything. But still a great read.


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