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Nate Bjork’s comedic style has been described as “smart-stupid.” His comedy is observational only insofar as the world he observes is all in his head. Madison talk show host Dan Potacke has said that “Nate Bjork will tell jokes and you will laugh. Particularly because you are scared that he will beat you up if you don’t laugh… but also because he is very funny.”

Nate is annoyed when people pronounce the “t” in “often” even though he acknowledges that as a legitimate pronunciation. He flosses twice a day, his belt always matches his shoes, and he has fantastic hair. Also he is funnier than you.


What people have said about Nate:

As an entertainer, Nate is regularly in demand between his stand-up comedy and well-subscribed podcasts. – Alan Talaga

Nate Bjork is a lot smarter than he looks. – Dana Sitar (via AVClub)

Onstage, Bjork carries the audience through a series of revelations that arouse a combination of interest and pity that ultimately slides into a comforting punchline letting the audience know it’s alright to laugh at his misfortunes. – Dana Sitar (via AVClub)

self-deprecating – 77 Square

[Nate is] probably wiser than Yoda. And cooler than the Fonz. – Steve Donovan

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  1. Nate Bjork kilt him a b’ar when he was only three.

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